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A number of useful links to websites

Up to date information concerning all aspects of archaeology happening in Kent.

Want to know about cement, cement kilns, technical advances in the cement industry? If you want to know anything at all about cement the this is the site to visit.

Completely re-modernized and open again April 2012

What's going on in Cliffe & Cliffe Woods can be found here. Has a very good picture section showing many aspects of Cliffe.

The area around Cliffe preserved by the RSPB.

Curtis & Harvey's factory is on private land so it is difficult to see it first hand. However this site does show a good display of images of the factory remains.

A wealth of information on archaeology in Kent.

Kent Archaeological Society's site of books, reports and records available on-line.

The study of family history and genealogy in South East London and North West Kent.

Portal to various areas to hthe history and heritage provided by Kent County Coucil

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