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List of Rectors of St. Helen's Church

For fuller details please see 'Rectors of Cliffe.'

1229 Richard de Wallingford (Archdeacon of Canterbury)
1254 Hugh de Mortimer (Doctor of Law, Oxford,  Archdeacon of Canterbury)
1277 Richard de Stratford (Doctor of Canon Law, Canon of Hereford Cathedral)
1283 Philipde Wyleby (Chancellor of the King's Exchequer, Canon of Broomsbury)
1288 John de Bestance (Archdeacon of Salop, Doctor of Canon Law)
1305 James de Cobham (Chancellor of the University of Oxford)
1317 John de Brayton (Chancellor of the diocese of Canterbury & Archdeacon of Canterbury, Canon of Wells & Exeter, Canon of Wingham)
1318 Adam de Muremuth (Canon of St. Paul's Cathedral, Professor of Canon Law, Commissary for the Bishop of Rochester, Canon of Exter Cathedral)
1323 Guilienius de Occa
1357 Laurence Falstoff (Canon of St. Paul's Cathedral)
1357 William de Islip
1358 Adam de Houton (Lord Chancellor, Bishop of St. David's)
1359 William de Whittlesey. (Archbishop of Canterbury, Canon of Wingham)
1363 John de Bishopston . (Archdeacon of Nottingham, Chancellor of the King's Exchequer)
1366 John de Kepiston
1367 Robert de Walton
1376 Roger de Sutton
1376 Thomas Thebaud (Dean of Wells)
1378 Thomas de Lynton (Canon of St. Paul's Cathedral, Canon of St. George's, Windsor)
1387 Adam de Mottram (Archdeacon of Canterbury, Archdeacon of Ely)
1390 John de Godwyck (Canon of Southwell)
1397 Richard Rouhale
1403 Nicholas Rysheton DCL
1413 John Prentys
1445 William Biconnyl (Official of the Court of Canterbury, and Chancellor of the Diocese, Canon of St. Paul's Cathedral)
1448 William Cleve (Canon of St. Paul's Cathedral)
1471 William Ullynge STP
1481 Oliver Kyng LL.D. (Archdeaconries of Oxford, Taunton and Berks, Bishop of Bath and Wells, Canon of Windsor, Canon of York, Canon of Southall,Canon  of St. Paul's)
1509 WaIter Green
1535 Nicholas Heath (Archbishop of Canterbury, Bishop of Rochester, Bishop of Worcester, Archbishop of York, Lord President of Wales and the Marches, Archdeacon of Stafford, Lord High Chancellor )
1549 Edmund Cranmer (Archdeacon of Canterbury, Canon of Canterbury)
1554 Hugh Weston STP (Archdeaconries of Cornwall & Colchester)
1556 Edmund Allen (Bishop of Rochester)
1559 Edmund Gheast (Archdeacon of Canterbury, Bishop of Rochester, Bishop of Salisbury)
1572 John Calverley (Archdeacon of Rochester)
1576 George Rowe (Canon of York)
1578 William Wilson (Chancellor of St. Paul's Cathedral, Canon of St. George's, Windsor)
1615 Gervase Knidd
1629 Griffith Higgs
1645 Samuel Annesley DCL
1652 Henry Hoicroft
1662 Nathaniel Wylye
1663 George Stradling (Dean of Chichester, Canon of Westminister, Canon of St. Paul's.)
1681 George Greene DD
1739 William Nicholas Blomberg
1750 George Jebb
1751 Edmund Darrell
1755 James Flarwood
1778 John Simkinson MA
1815 Charles Burney DD
1818 James Croft MA (Archdeacon of Canterbury, Canon of Canterbury)
1869 Henry Robert Lloyd MA
1880 Stanley Leathes DD
1889 William Henry Grove MA
1899 Herbert Buchanan Boyd MA (1st Rural Dean)
1915 Alfred Tom Wallis MA
1938 Frederick Sidney Gammon
1958 John William Henderson
1963 John James Smith MA
1972 Patrick Gray
1979 David James Macrow
1984 Donald John Silcock (Rural Dean)
1993 Edward Wright

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