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Saxon Kings

The Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of Kent equates approximately with the modern county of Kent and the South-Eastern part of greater London. It was under Mercian Overlordship from about 784-793 and 796-825. From 825-860 it was under the overlordship of Wessex, often with a member of the West Saxon line ruling it as a sub-king. From about 860 onwards it was fully absorbed into Wessex.
Hengist (c. 455-488)
Æsc (c. 488-512)
Octa (c. 512-540)
Eormenric (c. 540-565)
Æthelberht I (565-616)
Eadbald (616-640)
Earconbert (640-664)
Egbert I (664-673)
Hlothere (673-685)
Eadric (685-686)
Wihtred (690-725)
Eardwulf (725-?)
Eadbert (d. c. 762)
Æthelbert II (d. c. 762)
Sigered (c. 762-763)
Eanmund (c. 763)
Heahbert (c. 764-765)
Egbert II (fl. c. 779)
Ealhmund (fl. c. 784)
Eadbert (c. 793-796)
Æthelwulf (835-839, 856-858)
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