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Roll of Honour

A list of all those from Cliffe Parish that took part in the hostilities during the Great War.
W Adsley 
C Agar
G Agar
J Agar
A Arnold
S Arnold
W Ashby
Clyde Austin
Colin Austin
F Austin
T Austin
G Avis
A Ayers
W Baker
J Barker
T G Barnes
E Batchelor
N Batchelor
A Bates
A S Bates
A Beeching
G Black
A Brenchley
G Brenchley
M Brenchley
A J Briggs
A Bronley
H Brown
R Brown
J Burke
H Burton
J Caller
W Carey
A Carpenter
E Carpenter
S Carpenter
H Catermole
A E Chapman
A Cheeseman
E Chipperfield
J Chipperfield
W H Chipperfield
E Church
W Collar
J Collins
T Comfort
C S Conolly
W G Coppins
A Cornford
N Couchman
W O Coveney
J Cowan
W Crayford
W Crighton
W Crockett
F Croucher
W Darling
A Day
F Day
P Day
W H Day
E W Digby
A Douglas
E Dowsett
A W Edge
C Edwards
W Edwards
A F Emery
A A Evenden
C Evenden
G Evenden
N C Evenden
W Evenden
C E Faulkner
E J Francis
S Francis
W A Francis
A French
B Frost
M Frost
E Fuller
S Fuller
E Geer
W Geer
S Goord
G W Golding
S Gray
W Gray
E Green
H C Green
T J Groves
J Growns
W Gowns
S Grubb
F Gulvin
S Gulvin
G Gurney
W Gurr
A Hagger
F Hagger
H Hagger
W Hagger
W Hansmond
E Hartfield
E Harmer
A Harrison
E Hatcher
T Hatcher
T Haynes
W Heard
J Heath
E Herbert
James Hoare
John Hoare
N A Hook
M J Hook
A Humphreys
C Humphreys
H Humphreys
C A Jarrett
E S Jarrett
L B Jarrett
S G Jarrett
A Johnson
G Johnson
S Johnson
J Jones
M Jones
M Jones
J Jowsey
A Joyce
C Joyce
H Joyce
F Kates
H Kearsey
R Key
E Kitchingham
W Knight
C Lane
J Lane
F Lane
LS Lane
C A Last
J Last
V Legge
T Lipscombe
E Loft
N Loft
T Loft
W Loft
P Loveland
H Loveland
A Lowdell
E Martin
G Martin
H Martin
P Martin
W Martin
James McLeod
John McLeod
N McLeod
B McPherson
John Morrison
W Morrison
E Munns
C A Mussselwhite
F Newson
G Newson
C Nute
C R Nute
W Nute
L Oakey
F O'Leary
F Osenton
Henry Osenton
Horace Osenton
J Osenton
O Osenton
A Parkes
F Parker
S Parker
A Parnell
P Parsons
A Payne
D Payne
C Peacock
A Pearson
E Pearson
W Pearson
W Pepper
P Phillips
J Price
R Radford
W Radford
W Radley
E Ralph
F Ralph
P Ralph
E Randall
G E Reavell
F Relph
A Richards
B Richards
E Richards
F Richards
G H Richards
L Richards
S Richards
W G Richards
C Rowles
S Short
W Slater
A R Smith
A E Smith
E Smith
F R Smith
G Smith
James Smith
John Smith
R Spencer
C Stanley
A Stearnes

E Youseman
E Thirgood
N S Thorpe
R Tompsett
T Tree
R C Twitchett
J Vidler
F Venus
G Venus
E Waghorn
G Waghorn
H Waghorn
H Waghorn
H Wantling
S D Ward
T Ward
T B Ward
S Weavers
W Weekes
C Welch
G A Whibley
L Whibley
R Whicher
A White
F White
S Whitehead
W D Wickens
F Wilson
H Wraight
B Wright
J Wright
R Wright
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