Women's Institute - Cliffe History

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Cliffe & Cooling Women's Institute

The formation meeting of the Women’s Institute was held   in April 1946 having being called and arranged by Mrs. H.   Couzens. Thirty-five members were enrolled and a committee   formed consisting of Mrs. F. Foord (president) Mrs. Judd and   Mrs. T. Hutchings (vice-president), Mrs. Brook, Mrs. W.W.   Morrison, Mrs. F. Mugeridge, Mrs. L. Oakey, Mrs F. Parker   and Mrs. V. Weeks.

The Cliffe and Cooling Women's Institute

Membership soon increased and numbers over sixty. One   of the earliest meetings was held at the “Globe” Cinema and   addressed by Mr. David Seth-Smith, the well-known   broadcaster. Over two hundred schoolchildren also attended.   There have since been many happy meetings, a particularly   happy one taking place in the grounds of Cooling Castle,   over one hundred members and friends listening to an address   by Canon A.J. Wallis, who was formally Rector of Cliffe. On   numerous occasions the Institute members have assisted with   money-raising efforts for charitable purposes, and the Drama   Group have several times produced plays at the local cinema.

Cliffe and Cooling Institute have a distinction of   being the first Institute to stage an exhibit at a Ploughing   Match of the Gravesend and Rochester Agricultural   Association.

Produce Guild members have had a number of successes   at both local and county shows. One member, Mrs. V. Weekes,   has gained numerous awards at County Handicraft Exhibitions,   and on one occasion had her work chosen for showing at a   National Exhibition.

In 1949 and 1950 the Institute took a party of old   folks for a tour by motor coach of the countryside, the 1950   party numbering 120.

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