Acknowledgements - Cliffe History

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Thank You
This Book owes a very great debt to all the following:-
          • Miss G. J. Goodwin for leather cover and sheets and maps
          • Mrs. K. E. Couzens, Mrs. M. Weeks & Mrs. M. Foord for research and writing
          • Mrs. M.A. Cobbett, Mrs. A. Kearsey & Mrs. H. Oakey for writing
          • Mrs. F. Batchelor
          • Miss M. E. Payn
          • Mrs. L. C. Batchelor
          • Mrs. R. Rye
          • Mrs. E. Briggs
          • Mrs. M. Shuttlewood
          • Mrs. A. Chapman
          • Mrs. D. Sutton
          • Mrs. E. Chapman
          • Mrs. C. Taylor
          • Mrs. B. Green
          • Mrs. D. Thorburn
          • Mrs. E. Mildred.

The Women's Institute Scrap-Book Committee tenders its sincere to the authors and sources mentioned below:-
·       Hasted's 'History of the County of Kent' (1797)
·       E. Harris 'History of Cliffe-at-Hoo' and 'History of Cooling Castle.'
·       Cliffe Parish Almanack, 1869 – 1880
·       Ralph Arnold 'The Hundred of Hoo' and 'Village Histories' (from the 'Coronation Book.')
·       H. Smetham 'Rambles round Churches'
·       Early Minute Books of Cliffe Parish Council
·       St. Helen's Churchwarden's Account Books and Bills in Church chest.
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