Methods of Travel - Cliffe History

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Methods of Travel

Situated some miles from the nearest town, transport for   shopping, etc, must have been a problem in days gone by, but   the running of a carrier’s cart was a measure taken to solve   it. We hear of such a cart operating in about the year 1870,   and personal knowledge is that a similar service was still   operating for some years in the present century. The year   1882 saw the linking of Cliffe with Gravesend by the   extensions of the railways. This was a single line track   running as far as Port Victoria, and for many years was   frequently used by the Royal Family and their visitors and   to convey them en route to and from the Continent. It is   said that when the service first opened, the Railway Company   ‘treated’ the children to a ride to Gravesend and back to   celebrate the event.

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