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The Fallen

This page is dedicated to those Cliffe villagers who gave their lives during the Great War of 1914 - 1918.

The War Memorial at St. Helen's Church, Cliffe.

This Memorial cross was unveiled on a Sunday afternoon in 1920 by Major-General H. F. Thuillor CB in the presence of a huge gathering. The memorial is of an Iona Cross carved from Aberdeen granite and designed and by Mr. J. H. Durrant of Rochester.
It was erected at the cost of £255: the money raised was £277 with the balance of £22 to be set aside for it's upkeep.

The Memorial stands just inside the churchyard by the main entrance and contains the names of most of those who gave their lives in the Great War. Others were recorded elsewhere in nearby Methodist chapels in Cliffe & Spendiff.

On the front of the Memorial stone it reads:
"To the glory of God and in memory of the brave men of this parish who laid down their lives for King and Country in the victorious struggle against the enemies of mankind. August 4th 1914 to June 28th 1919."

Later, after the end of hostilities of WWII, the names of those who lost their lives in that conflict were also inscribed upon the Memorial.

Below is a list of those who fell, some open out giving more detail upon the individual.

The Fallen

William Abbott Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment) - Thorney Cottages, Cliffe
died 26/02/1919 aged 25
Walter Ashby -  South Staffordshire Regiment  -   of St. George's Terrace, Cliffe
died 10/02/1918
Aubre Ayers  Life Guards -  
died 26/02/1917
Ernest Austin Army Service Corps -  Postman of High Street, Cliffe
died 14/11/1918 aged 32
George William Baker The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) -  Farm Waggoner of Reed Street, Cliffe
died 07/01/1916 aged 18
Bert Baines  Bedfordshire Regiment -  of Cooling Common
died 31/07/1917 aged 27
Reginald Barlow  Grenadier Guards -  parents at Cooling Street, Cliffe
died 27/8/1918 aged 27
Bertie Batchelor Manchester Regiment -  of Berry Court Farm, Cliffe
died 21/03/1918 aged 26
James Chevous Royal Marine Light Infantry -  Explosives worker living at Turner Street,Cliffe
died 22/09/1914 aged 37
Fred Elford Welsh Regiment  -  Butcher of High Street, Cliffe
died 31/07/1917 aged 35
James Foord  Royal Navy -  brother of Sarah of Green Lane Cottage, Cliffe
died 31/07/1917 aged 29
Robert Foord -  brother of Sarah of Green Lane Cottage, Cliffe
Ernest Francis  -  Horse Driver of Turner Road, Cliffe
Bertie Frost  Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment) - Explosives worker of Millcroft Road, Cliffe
died 29/08/1918 aged 22
William Gales (Machine Gun Corps) -  Packing Case Maker at Curtis & Harvey Explosives Works
died 04/12/1916 aged 21
Edward Gardner  The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) -  of Station Road, Cliffe
died 28/08/1915 aged 31
Alfred Growns Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment) -  Labourer of Millcroft Road, Cliffe
died 21/09/1917 aged 22
Archibald Grubb Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment) -  Farm Labourer
died 11/05/1916 aged 56
Sidney A Gulvin  Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)  -  of Rye Street, Cliffe
died 13/11/1917 aged 23
Henry Alfred Haggar  
died 13/02/1919 aged 33
Leonard Haggar York and Lancaster Regiment  -  of Quarry Cottages, Cliffe
died 14/11/1918 aged 19
William Haggar  Royal Engineers  -  of Salt Lane, Cliffe
died 22/11/1918 aged 36
Edwin Herbert Army Service Corps  -  of Salt Lane, Cliffe
died 18/10/1918 aged 56
Alfred Hoare  Lincolnshire Regiment  -  of West Street, Cliffe
died 14/03/1915  aged 21
Harry E Hoare  Royal Field Artillery  -  of West Street, Cliffe
died 25/09/1915 aged 35
Benjamin Johnson  Royal Engineers  -  Cliffe
died 06/02/1919 aged 35
William Joyce  Army Service Corps + Essex Regiment  - Butcher of Wharf Lane, Cliffe
died 02/07/1916 aged 25
Frederick Kates  Army Service Corps  - of Millcroft Road, Cliffe
died 03/10/1918 aged 30
Ernest J Kearsey Manchester Regiment -  of Marsh Lane, Cliffe
died 04/11/1918 aged 23
George Lamkin  Royal Navy -
died   01/05/1915
Albert Lawrence Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment) -  of Cooling
died 13/10/1914
Fred Lindridge Canadian Infantry -  of Canada
died 24/12/1915 aged 22
Arthur C Lowdell Grenadier Guards - of Cliffe
died 03/07/1915 aged 29
John Neil McLeod Seaforth Highlanders  -  Explosives Worker of Strood
died 21/03/1918 aged 23
George Martin Royal Engineers -  of High Street, Cliffe
died 28/10/1915 aged 18
Arthur Maton Royal Navy -  of Salisbury
died 09/07/1917 aged 20
Robert Morrison MM Canadian Infantry  -  of Allen's Hill Farm, Cliffe
died 15/08/1917 aged 26
John Offen Rifle Brigade -  Coal Trimmer: Curtis & Harvey Explosives factory of Station Road, Cliffe
died 16/09/1916 aged 41
William Osenton  Middlesex Regiment (Duke of Cambridge's Own) -  Farm Labourer of Station Road, Cliffe
died 23/04/1917 aged 27
Arthur Randall  Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment) -  Farm Labourer of Turner Street, Cliffe
died 13/07/1916 aged 20
Richard Talbot Royal Engineers -  Farm Worker of Perry Hill, Cliffe
died 18/11/1918 aged 23
Abraham Taylor  Royal Field Artillery  -  of Reed Street, Cliffe
died 03/10/1917 aged 26
Edwin Thompson York and Lancaster Regiment  -  of The Royal Albert, Salt Lane, Cliffe
died 13/10/1918 aged 18
Roland Thorndike MM  Royal Fusiliers (London Regiment)  -  Domestic Coachman of Turner Street, Cliffe
died 03/10/1918 aged 27
George Tomlin  Buffs (East Kent Regiment)  -  of Gravesend
died 03/05/1915 aged 20
Alfred Whibley Royal Fusiliers (London Regiment)  -  House Painter of Symons Road, Cliffe
died 17/02/1917 aged 25
Jack Whibley  Royal Engineers  -  Carpenter Apprentice of Symons Road, Cliffe
died 09/08/1915 aged 22
Frank White  Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)  -  Working on Farm at Mortimer's farm, Cliffe
died 07/10/1916 aged 23
Benjamin Wright  Honourable Artillery Company  -   of West Court Farm, Cliffe
died 03/05/1917 aged 20

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